Mini Cooper Touch Up Paint

Frustration-free solutions for minor paint damage.

  • Better Results. Use the stuff professionals trust.

    "Best scratch repair I've ever seen" - Jason H. Highland, TX
  • Easier To Use. Video instructions make repairs simple.

    "Your video made fixing an ugly scratch really really easy" - P. Campbell Eugene, OR
  • Best Guarantee Anywhere. Get back all that you paid(shipping too) if you're unhappy, for any reason. You don't even need to return the product!

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Fix it yourself with a Wizard kit!

Save money, and drive a car you're proud of.

Scratch & Chip Repair

Make your Mini's paint chips and scratches vanish quickly and easily with a ScratchWizard kit.

It's guaranteed to have no paint blobs because it's the only touch up kit with scratch-filling putty.

Paint Scuff Repair

Use our spray paint kit to fix paint scuffs in just 45 minutes. Like-new results on bumpers, mirrors, and all other plastic parts.

Each complete kits comes with factory-matched paint, body filler, primer, and clear coat, and there are clear video instructions that anyone can follow to get professional results.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Restore the wheels of any Mini OEM wheel to like-new condition in just 30 minutes with the WheelWizard.

The WheelWizard is guaranteed to color-match your wheels, and comes with everything youy need: sandpaper, primer, wheel paint, and wheel clearcoat.

Find Your Mini Cooper's Paint Code

where to look

1 Strut Tower, 2 Firewall

Paint codes can be found on the passenger side strut tower or firewall.

The stickers are very simple, showing the name of the paint in the center and code in the lower-left corner.

Paint codes are three digits long, and while they can contain letters and numbers most just contain numbers.