Frequently Asked Questions


What is a "Tri-Coat" paint?

A “Tri-Coat” is a three-stage paint that includes a mid coat, as well as a base coat.

Do Tri-Coat paints cost more?

We do not charge extra for tri-coats.

How will I receive my Tri-Coat paint?
  • If you ordered a tri-coat spray paint, you will receive two 12 oz. cans: base coat and mid coat.
    If you ordered a tri-coat touch up paint or spray gun paint, the quantity will be split between the base coat and mid coat. For example: if you ordered a 16 oz. "Ready to Spray" paint, you will receive 8 oz. of base coat and 8 oz. of mid coat.

How do I apply a Tri-Coat?

Please view our "How-To" video about applying tri-coat paints.


How do I use your products to complete my repairs?

You can find instructional “How To” videos with step-by-step instructions showing how to use our fine products located on our website, or you can click here to view them.



How long will it take for my refund to process?
  • Refunds generally take anywhere from 5-7 business days to process. If for any reason your refund does not go through under this time period, you can contact customer support by emailing

What if the manufacturer's paint code name is different from the name on your website,but the code itself is still a match?
  • Many of the paint code names differ depending on the manufacturer, even if it is the same paint code or color. The main and most important way to differentiate colors is by the paint code itself, regardless of the name.

I found a discount coupon online but it won't work when I try to use it at check out.
  • Unfortunately we do not currently offer discounts or coupons. An exception to this is if you have previously used our products and are happy with the results and have sent us a before and after picture of your repair. We will then send you a discount code for 10% off your next purchase. All valid coupons are/must be sent by an authorized ScratchWizard representative.

What if I can't find my color code on your website?
  • If you know your vehicle’s paint code and you still can't find your code on our site, you can place a custom order by clicking here or emailing customer support at

How do I cancel an order?
  • To cancel an order before it is processed (meaning before the paint has been mixed) call or email customer support with your order number and reason for cancellation. Review our customer refunds, replacements and cancellation policy here.



Why Can't I express ship my order of spray paint or other aerosols like the clear coat,primer,etc.?
  • Due to government regulations/restrictions and hazard reasons, we cannot ship orders containing aerosols via air (express/air shipping). All aerosols must be shipped by ground which takes at least 3-5 business days, depending on your location.

How long until my products ship after I place an order?

Every paint color/customer order is mixed-to-order and are manually fulfilled using a specific factory-matched formula and are made from special paint toners. Customer orders normally take 3-5 business days to process orders, custom-mix the paint, prepare orders for shipment, and actually ship orders.

What happens if I receive my order and it was damaged during shipping?
  • If the shipping company damages your purchase, we send you a new product free of charge.

Is there a way to get discounted or free shipping for my order?
  • Unfortunately, our shipping costs are not flexible because our shipping is done through a third party company. The only time we provide free shipping is on authorized returns or on missing or damaged products.
Do you ship your products internationally?
  • We do ship internationally with the exception of our aerosol products. Although, we can ship aerosol products to Canada via ground shipping.



What if the paint color that i received does not match my vehicle's paint color?

On some occasions we encounter a color match discrepancy. Color mismatch can result from many variables, including but not limited to incorrect color codes ordered, customer vehicle was repainted, color faded from sun exposure or exposure to the elements or because of age of vehicle. If the paint that you ordered (as shown by our paint applied to our test card) does not match your vehicle paint, you must do the following:

(a) contact our customer service department by email at, or by phone at (877) 629 – 0612, during normal business hours Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST to discuss the color discrepancy and we will work with you to determine if there are paint application solutions available prior to paint return or replacement;

(b) after you contact us, we may require you to send a paint sample of the color mismatch back to us so we can compare the paint with the factory color chip and when necessary, send a better matching formula or process a refund (if you choose to do so). We want you to be satisfied with our product and we will do our best to provide you with a matching color paint. Click here to review our refund and return policies.