Complete Detailing Kit

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    • Everything you need to keep every part of your car looking new. A $495 value!
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    Paint Care

    • Cyclo Polisher with (2) waxing and (2) polishing pads. The world’s greatest polisher, with pads to match.
    • 12 oz. Eazy Compound. Polishes paint to a swirl free, deep gloss.
    • 12 oz. Eazy Wax. “Locks in” the gloss for up to 5 months.
    • Clay bar. Makes paint slicker, smoother, and shinier.


    • 32 oz. Eazy Degreaser. For engines and jambs.
    • 32 oz. Eazy Wheels. Spray-on, wash off formula.
    • 32 oz. Eazy Dressing. Protect and enhance rubber and plastic.
    • 32 oz. Eazy Interiors. Deep-cleans carpets, fabric, vinyl, plastic, and leather.
    • 32 oz. Eazy Glass. Streak-free glass, every time.
    • 32 oz. Eazy Spray Detailer. For quick wipe-downs when a wash isn’t needed.

    Microfiber Towels

    • (12) Polishing towels. Removes wax and polish with ease and never leaves micro-scratching.
    • (2) Glass towels. Tight-weave leaves no lint on windows.

    Brushes & Accessories

    • Carpet brush. Stiff bristles scrub dirt from deep in carpet and fabric.
    • Toothbrush. Stiff bristles clean in tight spots of your car’s interior.
    • Painter’s brush. Soft bristles clean vents, cup holders, radio buttons, and more.
    • Wheel brush. Soft bristles clean wheels, jambs, engines, and wheel wells without scratching.
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