Eazy Compound (12 oz.)

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    • Makes dull paint shine. Also removes clear coat scratches and oxidation.
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    Product Description:

    This versatile compound contains various abrasives that remove heavy scratches, medium scratches, and light scratches, without creating marring or swirls. Great for polishing out 1500 - 2500 grit wet sanding.

    Directions for use (hand application):

    1. Work in a shaded area.
    2. Apply sparingly to a clean microfiber towel.
    3. Buff with firm pressure in a circular motion until product turns to dust.

    Directions for use (machine application - rotary buffer or Cyclo polisher)

    1. Work in a shaded area.
    2. Apply a small amount of product directly to paint surface.
    3. At low speed, with firm foam or wool pad, spread product over a 2 foot by 2 foot area.
    4. Run polisher until compound turns to dust.


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