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    ScratchWizard Basecoat is a high-quality easy-to-apply solvent-borne basecoat that meets national VOC regulations. ScratchWizard is formulated to match Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) finish and ideal for exterior automotive spot, scratch or touchup repairs. Please use ScratchWizard Clearcoat with Basecoat to deliver excellent appearance, outstanding gloss, and distinction of image.

    Get everything you need:

    • Cleaner, sandpaper, scratch-filling putty, color-matching paint, primer, and clearcoat. Repair up to half of any plastic bumper

    Save money and avoid hassle!

    • Body shops charge $400+ for bumper scuffs and scratches and keep your car for days. Fix your bumper with BumperWizard in just 45 minutes.
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    • Spray Paint Only: 12 oz spray paint.
    • Spray Paint + Spray Clear Coat: 12 oz spray paint. 12 oz. spray clear coat
    • Complete Kit: Everything you need to get a durable like-new result: 12 oz. primer 12 oz spray paint. 12 oz spray clear coat 1 oz. body putty 2 oz. wax & grease remover Cleaning towel Coarse sandpaper Fine sandpaper Scuff pad

    ** If paint code selected is a tricoat paint- it will come with ground coat (1st apply) & Midcoat (2nd apply).

    Spray Paint
    Spray Paint


    We stand behind the quality of our paint products. If we are unable to provide you an OEM color match, we will refund your money within 30 days.

    Spray Paint


    Can't find your custom paint color?

    Tell us about your car and we'll get you set up with your custom paint.

    What's included?

    1. Video directions.
    2. 12 oz factory-matched paint in spray can.
    3. 12 oz. automotive spray primer.
    4. 12 oz. automotive spray clear coat.
    5. (6) sheets coarse sandpaper.
    6. (2) sheets fine sandpaper.
    7. Scuff pad.
    8. Cleaning towel.
    9. 2 oz. wax and grease remover.
    10. 1 oz. scratch-filling putty.

    Can I repair metal doors, hoods, and fenders?

    Yes.  Repair all plastic and metal parts, including:

    1. Bumpers
    2. Mirrors
    3. Rocker panels
    4. Doors
    5. Hoods
    6. Trunks
    7. Quarter Panels
    8. Fenders
    9. Roofs

    Can I fix holes, tears, or splits?

    No, only scratches.

    When will my kit arrive?

    We ship your kit via FedEx Ground within 24 hours of receiving your order.

    1. West Coast: 2-3 days
    2. Central: 3-4 days
    3. East Coast: 4-5 days

    In what temperatures should I use this kit?

    35-105 degrees farenheit. A heat gun helps accelerate drying times in temperatures 50 degrees and colder.

    How long until the repair is dry?

    About 15 minutes.

    How large of an area can I repair?

    About 50% of one large panel (bumper, quarter panel, hood, roof). 100% of one small panel (door, fender, or trunk).

    Does this work on 'textured' plastic (ie, Jeeps and Volvos)?


    What if I do a bad repair. Is it permanent?

    No. Just wait 24 hours and try again.

    What kind of paint is this?

    Martin Senour urethane base coat. The same paint your car was painted with at the factory.

    Structured Description
    1. Repair Automotive Paint Scratches With Spray Paint
    2. Fix Deep Paint Scratches With Spray Paint
    3. Paint Your Car With Spray Paint
    4. Repaint Side Mirror With Spray Paint
    5. Repair Scratched Plastic Door Panel With Spray Paint
    6. How apply pearl white spray paint.
    7. Repaint Rocker Panel With Spray Paint
    8. Fix Plastic Bumper Damage: Complete Kit
    9. Fix Bumper Scrapes: DIY Kit
    10. Fix Plastic Bumper Scrapes: Complete Kit
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