auto touch up paint kit

When you first learned to drive, you learned there are a few tools no car should go without: always keep a spare tire in the trunk, buy a good flashlight, and get a good car jack. This information isn't wrong, but it certainly doesn't cover the other tools your car shouldn't live without.

Here are some of the best tools you should get for your car today.

A paint touch up kit

That small scratch on your hood is prone to rust, peeling, and further damage if it isn't taken care of. With white being the number one choice for cars in America, that sheen isn't going to last long without an auto touch up paint kit. Paint touch up kits can save your car thousands of dollars in the long run and they come in a number of different options for hundreds of makes and models. Whether you're looking for a Ford touch up paint, a GMC touch up paint, or you're looking to touch up your Honda Civic paint job, an auto touch up paint kit is an indispensable tool for the everyday driver.

A code reader

If you're into fixing up your automobile, then you'll need one of these tools. A code reader can be hooked up to your car when you want to find out what that pesky check engine light actually means. Instead of wasting money at a garage, you'll be able to diagnose an issue you could have dealt with yourself.

An automotive stethoscope

Your childhood dream of becoming a doctor has finally been realized -- instead of diagnosing patients, however, you're diagnosing your car. A stethoscope is a handy tool designed to determine where certain sounds are coming from. If you have a strange noise emanating from your car, a mechanic might just make a hunch and go from there. With an automotive stethoscope, you will be able to identify exactly where the noise is coming from in order to get the best treatment for your vehicle.

These are three tools no amateur mechanic should live without. If you're interested in making minor repairs or paint touch-ups, consider purchasing these items to save you money in the long run.