touch up your honda civic paint job

Even though you might take great care of your car, there might be some ways you're damaging it without even knowing. Here are three unexpected ways you might be damaging your car.

Parking under trees
Trees are formidable opponents to your car's paint. To avoid having to touch up your honda civic paint job with an auto touch up paint kit, don't park beneath trees or near other large plants. The leaves, pollen, bird droppings, and petals that fall from plants can stick to your car and damage the paint if they're not taken care of quickly, or if it happens often.

Instead, try parking in a parking garage with a roof or a lot that's away from any foliage. Even though this might not offer as pretty a view, it will keep your car's paint looking nice and prevent rust from forming.

Driving quickly over speed bumps
Speed bumps can cause some serious damage to your car. While we're all well-versed in the damage potholes cause, going quickly over speed bumps has a similar effect. This can damage your suspension, undercarriage, exhaust system, and even your tires when you drive quickly.

Combat damage to your car by slowing down when you go over speed bumps. This ensures a safer area and protects your car from harm.

Rain and moisture
While a rain shower may be a welcome way to cheaply clean the build-up on your car, rain and other forms of excessive moisture can damage your car's new electronics and promote rust accumulation if you have chipping paint on your hood. Acid rain, especially, is a hugely damaging factor for your car's paint and overall health.

Parking in a garage or under an awning is the best way to combat excessive moisture. This is especially important if you live in a rainy area or a coastal town with humid weather. Use a vehicle touch up paint kit to deter rust formations from occurring in scratches or weak points in the paint.

Don't be afraid to touch up your honda civic paint job, or break out the wax when you need an automotive touch up. Buying a car touch up paint kit is one option to preventing rust and keeping your car looking nice. But undercarriage maintenance is a necessity. Keep these preventative measures in mind the next time you drive. There's a reason the auto body industry is worth a whopping $42 billion.