5 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Car for Your Next Family Trip

84 percent of respondents from an AAA Exchange survey stated that they have brought their pets on many car trips. If you’re an animal lover who enjoys traveling with their pet, there are a few measures you should take before you take off. Discover some ways to pet-proof your car for your next family trip.

Clean Your Car

It’s easy for cars to get messy, and if you don’t clean up before your road trip this could present an issue for your furry friend. Dogs especially will find a way to get into all sorts of stuff. That is why you want to clean your car’s interior before your pet gets in. Pick up anything easily accessible or unsafe to animals. This will be on less distraction when you are on the road. Also get travel umbrella, it's very important.

Get A Seat Cover

If you like to keep your car clean, but still want to have your pet join you for a ride, a set cover is exactly what you need. Unfortunately, pets can leave fur everywhere and may even scratch your car’s interior. That is why you’ll want to get a seat cover—it will keep your animal comfortable and prevent a mess in your car.

Ensure Your AC Is Working

The summertime can be unbearable for our furry friends, especially when they’re in a car. Before you head out on a trip, make sure your car has working AC. Additionally, make sure the vents nearest to your pet are open before you start driving. This will keep your pet comfortable, whether it’s a short or long trip.

Invest in A Pet Seat Belt

While your pet will probably enjoy the car ride regardless, it’s not the safest form of transportation. That is why you’ll need to invest in a pet seat belt. Animal seat belt designs are unlike the ones that come standard in every car. In the event of an accident, it functions as a harness that goes around your pet, with a leash that clicks into the seat. This will keep your pet safe and calm during the trip.

Provide an Easy Way to Get In

Depending on the type of animal and car you have, it can be difficult for your four-legged family member to get in. You could lift them, but then you run the risk of hurting your pet and scratching the exterior of your car. The best way to pet-proof your car is to invest in a ramp. This attachment affordable and makes it easy for your pet to get in and out of your vehicle. However, if at some point during the trip your car’s exterior does become damaged, you can easily fix it yourself via an auto touch up paint kit.