toyota touch up paint

Toyota is known for being a reliable car no matter your occupation. However, you might be damaging your car's paint without even knowing it. Here are some of the more common activities that might slip your mind and result in scratches.

Unfortunately, attempts to keep your Toyota clean might result in the purchase of a Toyota touch up paint kit. Using a hard-bristled sponge or any type of scraper on the paint could be causing scratches. Be sure to use a gentle cleanser when you scrub and dry it with a microfiber cloth instead of an old towel.

Visiting the park
Visiting the park means three things: trees, animals, and people. Not only do tree leaves and pollen dirty your car, they might cause small scratches that get worse with age. Additionally, bird droppings also contain erosive chemicals that can damage your car's paint. Prevent this with a good wax, but have a paint touch up kit handy for when your Toyota needs quick, easy repair.

Now, this point is less about casting your line as it is about moving your materials. While you know moving large objects can scrape your car, especially around doors and the trunk, fishing is an often forgotten feature that deserves mention.

There are quite a few materials associated with fishing that you'll need to transport, but the long, hard to manage fishing poles are notorious for scratching car paint, making automotive touch up paint a necessity for even casual fishermen. Always break down your fishing poles and take your time during transport.

Mowing your lawn
Unless you have a bag attached to your lawnmower, this is one of the most dangerous activities for your car while it's in the driveway. Mowing your lawn kicks up stones, sticks, and bits of concrete that can fly out and damage the paint on your vehicle. After you fix up your car with an auto touch up paint kit, be sure to move your car into the garage before mowing again.

Over half of all car damage is because of scratched paint. While a car touch up paint kit can work wonders for the exterior of your car, keeping these activities in mind are vital in ensuring the longevity of your vehicle. Get a specific Toyota touch up paint kit to guarantee you have the proper paint to make your car look like new.