The paint code is located on the driver's side door jamb.


The Acura paintcode is just beneath the door latch.

When using Acura touch up paint, one of the first steps that you want to take is to identify your Acura’s correct paint color code. Selecting the wrong code can be disastrous for your paint job. The good news is that the Acura paint color codes are easy to find.

Get paint code.

Every Acura car has the paint code located somewhere in the vehicle. For some cars, you can find it on the vehicle manufacturer label with the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN number. Other cars have it located on the driver’s side or passenger side door jamb.

In the 11th digit of the VIN number, you can find the factory code. This code is necessary
along with the correct color code to select the correct paint that you will need in order to complete your Acura touch up paint job. The color code can often be found underneath the bar code that sits below the VIN number of the vehicle.

For example, if you were doing an Acura MDX touch up paint job and you had a 2009 dark cherry car, the color code would be R-529P. If you were doing an Acura RSX touch up paint job and you had a 2006 Vivid Blue Pearl Clearcoat, the color code would be B-520P. If you were doing an Acura TSX touch up paint job and you had a 2012 White Orchard Pearl Tricoat, the paint code would be NH-788P. A Honda touch up paint job would have a different code as well.

Order paint

Once you have correctly identified the correct paint code, you can order the correct color that you need in order to successfully complete your Acura touch up paint job. Make sure you carefully follow the instructions that come with your paint in order to do the job successfully.

Prep car

To begin, you always want to give the car a complete washing in warm water. Then, identify the affected area and use a wax remover on the area. It is also very important that you get rid of all rust and that you cover the rusted area with a rust converter. Otherwise, the affected area will continue to rust and ruin your paint job.

Depending on how damaged the area is, you may need to apply primer first. For instance, if there is bare metal or plastic on the area, that is an area that needs to have primer applied to it. You want to apply several coats of primer to the area that you want to repair. You also want to let the primer dry before applying the paint and sand the affected area down with sandpaper for the best results.

Apply paint:

  • Start off by applying a few thin coats of paint to the affected area.
  • Between coats, give the paint time to dry.
  • When you have completed the paint job, allow the paint to completely dry.
  • The final step to completion is to apply a rubbing compound to the finished area.

The rubbing compound will give your car a smooth and shiny look. Don’t apply the rubbing compound until the clearcoat has dried for at least 3 days. This will give you an effective Acura touch up paint job.