In this article we are going to teach you to prepare your spray gun, apply automotive paint, and clean your spray gun.

What you need:

man holding paint gun

Time required:

30 minutes.

Step 1. Wetsand the car part

Wetsand the entire part with 600 grit sand paper. When you wetsand to prep for basecoat you are looking for a dull finish. If you find any spots that are still shiny continue to wetsand.


Step 2. Learn about your paint gun

From your air compressor hose you will want an inline water trap then an inline regulator and then the HVLP spray gun. You will want to use as much plumbers tape as possible on all of the fittings so you get a consistent flow of pressure and no leaks. Dial in your inline regulator so that with the trigger open you are at about 30psi. Make sure that the air pressure knob on the HVLP itself is fully open. Using the fan size adjustment knob on the gun you will want the fan to be about 6-8 inches (pinky finger to thumb) wide when hitting the piece you are painting from about 6-8 inches away.
Learn About Your Paint Gun

Step 3. Clean with wax and grease remover.

It is very important that you get all wax and grease off of the pannel you are painting prior to applying the base coat. You can use our wax and grease remover or you can buy it at any auto parts store. Keep one dry shop towel and one wet towel. Soak the wet towel with wax and grease remover and give the piece one wet wipe followed by a dry wipe. Repeat until you have cleaned entire piece.
Clean With Wax and Grease Remover

Step 4. Prepare gun for painting.

The paint that we sell is already reduced, so it is good to spray, just give it a really good shake. Open the top of your HVLP spray gun. Use a mesh filter if you have one and fill the cup about 2/3 full. Before you spray the panel, test spray a piece of cardboard to make sure the gun is spraying properly and it has the size of fan you are after. Wear a respirator not a dust mask while painting.
Pouring paint into paint gun

Step 5. Apply Paint.

Ideally you will want to paint inside to keep the dust out of your work. Remember that the first third of the trigger on the HVLP spray gun is pure air, this is to allow you to accelerate drying time in lower tempertures. Keep the spray gun 6-8 inches (pinky finger to thumb) from the panel you are painting.
Apply Paint

Step 6. Clean gun.

After applying paint, Disconnect the HVLP spray gun from your air hose. Pour any excess paint in the gun back into the can. Use some automotive paint thinner to clean the gun. Pour in 3-4 ounces, put the cap on the cup and give it a good shake. Pour the thinner out into an old empty can. Repeat but this time run the thinner through the gun. Repeat this unti it comes out clear. Then with some thinner on a shop towel or paper towel wipe down the cap, inside and outside of the cup. You are now ready for clear coat.
Cleaning your paint gun