Bumper scratches can be an eyesore on your car but with the right method and a bit of patience you can fix the problem yourself.

Supplies needed

  1. Automotive touch up paint!!LINK!!
  2. A filler product!!LINK!!
  3. ScratchLeveler or 2000 grit sandpaper.!!LINK!!
  4. Rubber/plastic squeegee
  5. A small fine tipped paint brush
  6. Utility knife or exact-o-knife
  7. Soft lint free towel
  8. Windex or wax grease remover

Repairing a scratched plastic bumper or trim piece

  1. You will need to make sure you get the right color that matches your paint, to do this, find your color code. The most common places for the color code is on the driver or passenger door jam, but it does vary by year make and model, so some looking might be needed. If the code is not in the door jam try the glove box, in the trunk or under the hood. Color codes will vary from 2-7 numbers or letters or a combination of both.
  2. Once you have the color it is time to prep the area, clean the area around the scratches well making sure to get and dirt or debris or wax residue off.
  3. After that is complete take Utility knife/exact-o-knife and cut any plastic burs off, so that the affected area does not have any raised areas.
  4. Apply filler to the area, then taking the squeegee smooth out the area giving you a nice smooth surface to work with.
  5. After applying the filler, use the Leveler chemical or sandpaper to level out the surface, leaving just the filler in the scratched area.
  6. Once all excess filler is removed clean the area with a wax/grease remover or even some Windex will work too.
  7. Apply the paint to the affected area use short overlapping strokes so as not to leave stroke marks on the repair. Also dabbing works well on smaller areas.
  8. Let the repair for at least 24 hours.
  9. If you sanded the repair, polish to remove sanding scratches.

With some patience and a steady hand the repair is barely noticeable, so long as the damage isn't more than 6 inches in any direction. There are some colors like gold and silver that may be a bit more difficult for a do-it-yourself job, but solid colors work out well when fixing bumper or trim scratches. Also large scratches wider then a pencil eraser or chips larger then a nickel might need professional.

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