A smarter approach to touch up paint:

Fill the scratch before you paint the scratch.

ScratchwizardScratchWizard uses scratch-filling putty to create a flat foundation for touch up paint.

Ever notice how good touch up paint looks the moment you apply it, but after it dries you can see the scratch again? It's because paint shrinks 85% once cured.  Paint alone won't fill your scratches and produce the like-new results you're after.


Buy a ScratchWizard™ kit and fix those ugly scratches at last:

  • Fuller repairs.  Apply WizardPutty™ to create a flat foundation.
  • No paint blobs.  Our factory-matching paint is thinned out to leave no blobs or scars.
  • No brush strokes.  The included ultra-fine tipped brush is more 10x more accurate than the large brush used in paint you buy at the dealership or parts store.

Learn how ScratchWizard produces virtually invisible repairs:

  • Fill the scratch:  Easy-to-apply scratch-filling putty.
  • Recolor the scratch:  "Connect the dots" with our thin touch up paint.

The fast & easy process produces like-new paint in 10 minutes.  Everything you need is in the kit.