chevrolet touch up paint

When it comes to protecting your car, you have all the right tools: you've got your Chevrolet touch up paint, your car wax, and even a finishing polish that's said to work wonders. Although your auto touch up paint kit will fix your car should it receive a scratch, understanding the other two can be a bit tricky.

Just how do wax and polish differ when it comes to protecting your car?


Polish usually comes before waxing even though we usually think of polishing something off as the last step, however many car detailers differ on this subject. Because car polish works to help clean the surface of your vehicle, many car owners prefer to restore the shine of their car before layering on the wax. It helps heal your car from any small scratches, dirt, and other imperfections. For deep scratches, however, you'll need a reliable touch up paint options for your car model.

Polishes also come in different levels of abrasiveness. For small scratches, a more abrasive polish should be used in a circular pattern to get rid of the scratch. A more abrasive polish will remove the top layer of paint, however, so it's important to have your Chevrolet touch up paint on hand to even out your exterior.


Car wax, however, works to protect your car. It will fill any scratches or swirls will protective wax to prevent oxidation and rust from forming on your car. Additionally, it might make it less likely to get scratched should a stray pebble clip the side of your car. Waxes are built to withstand high levels of heat, cold conditions, and water. This will also help prevent sun damage that can lead to color fade. Luckily, if you haven't bought your wax yet, you can restore your car's paint with an auto touch up kit.

At the end of the day, it's helpful to remember this little rhyme: polish removes while wax smooths! However, both tools must be used to give your car the best in treatment and protection. Contact your local auto body store for more information on car wax and polish if you want to keep your car looking glossy and smooth. The auto body industry isn't valued at $42 billion for nothing. Just don't forget the Chevrolet touch up paint options when you take your truck on the road.