paint touch up kit

When you're a new parent, the last thing you think about is baby-proofing your car. After all, your efforts have been focused on preparing a nursery, getting your child the support it needs, and planning for a totally different life. But car maintenance is a necessity many overlook when they become new parents. Here are some easy ways to baby-proof your car and maintain it after an accident.

Get a paint touch up kit
Between transporting your baby in their big car seat to moving strollers, cribs, and gates, there are a lot of new materials that can scratch your car during transit. An auto touch up paint kit is the best way to restore your car's paint after it's been damaged, either from traffic collisions or the occasional scrape. Combining this effort with a clear coat around 2 ml thick will make your paint touch up kit last even longer.

As your child grows up, you'll have to deal with a new slew of problems. Your child might open the door and slam into another car or their game of basketball might get a little out of hand. Whatever the reason, you'll need a good paint touch up kit for your car. Luckily, they come in a number of different brands and models. Whether you're driving a Porsche or a Honda, Porsche touch up paint kits and Honda civic touch up paint options are available.

Protect your seats
Never underestimate the messiness of a child. While new babies spit up, young children can spill drinks, leave food, or have "accidents" that stain and damage your car. Getting a good seat cover is the best way to prep against the onslaught of liquids your child will bring into the car. Light seat covers are also a great way to keep your backseat cool during warmer summer months.

Get a sunshade
Your baby's skin and eyes are more sensitive to the sun's harsh rays, and they likely won't be able to block the sun on their own. Try installing a simple sun filter or shade on your back windows to prevent the sun from overheating your newborn. If you don't have a sunshade, you might need to get a car seat with a built-in shade to prevent damage.

Paper towels and tissues
Messes in the car will happen, and it's essential you have some way of cleaning them up before they cause lasting damage. When you're able to pull over, even basic cleaning with a paper towel can help your car. Keep some tissues on-hand, however, since the rough fabric of a paper towel might hurt your baby.

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in a parents' life, but learning how to baby-proof certain areas of your home and car can be difficult. Follow these tips to prevent the need for an automotive touch up.