Common Car Paint Myths You Should Know About

Before using your touch-up paint kit to repair any car damage, it’s important to understand some of the car paint myths out there. Some of these myths can cause you to inadvertently harm your car’s paint and affect the overall look of your vehicle. Learn about some of the common misconceptions regarding car paint to make sure you don’t make these mistakes.

Myth #1: All paint is the same

Thinking that all paint is the same may lead you to damaging your car’s paint. You must use paint specific to your car’s make: for example, if you own a Jeep Grand Cherokee, you must match the rest of your car’s color by getting Jeep Grand Cherokee touch-up paint. Furthermore, you should not only use the same brand of paint, but also the same paint color number.

Myth #2: The color of your vehicle doesn’t matter

Another car paint myth is that the color of your car doesn’t matter. In fact, your vehicle’s color can have a direct impact on how safe you are on the road. Cars painted in bright colors such as red, blue, and yellow are much safer because they’re far more visible on the road compared to black, white, and silver cars. A bright car can be seen more easily when it’s dark out and during poor weather conditions.

Another benefit of more brightly painted cars is that they can be worth more later on. According to iSeeCars, “Yellow color cars show the least depreciation at an average of about 26% over 5 years from [the] original MSRP (adjusted for inflation), while black has the highest at about 35%.”

Myth #3: Buffing is bad for paint

There’s a common misconception that machine buffing can be bad for your car paint. However, if you have the right skill set, this isn’t necessarily the case. If you’re not experienced in machine buffing, enlist the help of an expert.

Myth #4: Dishwashing detergent is safe for your car

The final myth we’d like to dispel is that dishwashing detergent is safe for your car. Dishwashing detergent was simply not designed to clean a car’s surface, as it can be too harsh for car paint and wax. The best way to give your car the best shine possible is to invest in soap specifically designed for cars.