What is it?

dr colorchip kit

A small, do-it-yourself automotive rock chip repair kit.  Includes a small amount of color-matching paint custom mixed for your car, an application brush, and a proprietary excess paint remover.

How does it work?

You first "dab" your rock chips to "overfill" them initially.  Apply an excess paint remover called SealAct to a cloth, then "wipe over" the repair area to remove the excess paint.  This excess paint removal process prevents the "blobbing" you typically see with most touch up repairs performed with "car dealership" touch up sticks.

What does it cost?

A basic kit for $39 is enough to touch up an entire car.  Shipping not included.

Does it really make chips disappear?

From a distance of three or four feet (about where your eyes view your car)...pretty much.  The system does a good job of coloring the bottom of the chips.  Note that it never actually fills the chips entirely:  paint has a shrinkback rate of around 85%!  Thus, if you look at your repairs from 3 feet or closer, you can spot them.

Results also vary by color.  Blacks, whites, and all dark colors look quite good.  But silvers, golds, light blues, and light greens contain metallic additives that reflect light in random directions.  Results are far less pleasing with these colors, but the good news is this:  rock chips are generally only an eyesore on dark colors...and that's where the Dr. Colorchip system does its best work.

Also, if your paint is chipping in large "bursts" (ie, about the size of a pencil eraser), don't expect miracles.  The chip will be recolored, but it's just not possible to repair wide, deep chips with paint alone.


The Dr Colorchip kit offers a significant improvement in rock chip appearance from a normal distance...particularly on solid colors and all dark colors.  If you have damage larger than an eraser head, results are less impressive.  For all repairs, the system far exceeds the results that you'll get from a normal bottle of paint from your car dealership or an auto parts store.  Considering that a repaint of the face of your car starts at $1200, an investment of $39 is a great value.