Time required:

30 - 120 minutes.

Step 1: Remove trim (if possible).

Removing the damaged pieces will give you the best possible repair, but with enough masking tape and paper you can repair most pieces without removal.

remove interior trim

Step 2: Sand with 220 grit

Don't stop until the rubberized surface is completely removed. Clean when done.

sand 220 grit

Step 3: Apply primer.

Apply multiple light coats and wait 20 minutes.

apply primer to plastic interior trim

Step 4: Wet sand with 600 grit

Wait 20 min. for primer to dry. Keeping your sandpaper wet, sand with light pressure until primer is even and smooth .

wet sand 600 grit

Step 5: Apply dye.

Apply multiple light coats. A heat gun helps to accelerate drying times between coats


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