Helpful Ideas to Keep Your Car Clean with Kids

Parenting is one of the most gratifying experiences in life, but it also comes with a few minor headaches. Parents typically act as personal chauffeurs for their young children, and kids can quickly turn your car into a mess. Prevent disorder with our ideas to keep your car clean with kids.

Use a Garbage Container

Trash and crumbs can easily fall into the cracks between the seats—even parents are guilty of this. A way to overcome this is to keep some type of garbage container in your car, whether it’s a plastic bag or a receptacle that attaches to the back of a seat. Designating where garbage goes is crucial so that it doesn’t end up on the floor.

Don’t Allow Eating in the Car

You can also establish a no-eating rule in your car. Most messes result from spilling food or drinks, but if you can prevent eating in the car altogether, then you can easily eliminate a lot of the chaos that can harm your car’s interior. Road trips can be an exception, but otherwise, stay true to this rule on a regular basis.

Take Advantage of Compartments

Cars are full of many compartments, and you should take full advantage of them. These are the perfect places to store books, coloring utensils, and other items to keep kids occupied on the road. This also organizes the things in your vehicle.

Be Prepared for the Mess

Another idea to keep your car clean with kids and to get ahead of clutter and potential messes is to always be prepared. Store emergency items such as a first aid kit in your car, and keep wipes on hand to take care of any messes right away. Kids also tend not to be careful; for example, they may fling the door open and hit another car or object, damaging the exterior. Stash Scratch Wizard’s touch-up paint or a kit tailored to your car’s make, model, and year to quickly remedy any scratches.

Make the Kids Clean Up After Themselves

Perhaps the best—and most difficult—way to keep your car clean is to teach your kids how to clean up after themselves. Make sure they’re aware that they must take with them whatever they bring into the car. This lesson isn’t just beneficial for your car; more importantly, it teaches children to respect areas that aren’t theirs.