In this article we are going to show you how to recolor faded automotive leather.

What you need:

Leather Dye Basic Kit

Time required:

40 minutes.

Step 1. Clean Area

Clean the area with cleaner.
Leather Dye - Cleaning Seat

Step 2. Scuff Area

Scuff the area thoroughly with a grey scuff pad.
Leather Dye - Scuff Area

Step 3. Apply Dye

Apply multiple light coats of factory-matched leather dye. A heat gun speeds up the drying process.
Leather Dye - Dying Seat

Once dry you can immediately enjoy your like-new seat. The repair will last 3-6 years depending on usage.

Leather Dye Recolored Seat

Get a repair kit for your car, now.

Leather Dye Advanced Kit

Everything you need to recolor and repair scratches and cracks in seats, door panels, consoles, and dashboards.

  • 100% color matches. Custom-mixed formulas for your year/make/model of vehicle.
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