honda accord touch up paint

Rust spots are an inevitable part of owning a car, but no one said we have to enjoy them. Luckily, there are some easy ways to fix annoying rust spots on your car's paint job without breaking the bank. Here are some of the best tips and tricks to stopping rust in its tracks and preventing rust in the future.

What causes rust?

Rust is the oxidation of iron on your car. This is a natural process that occurs in many metals when a car is exposed to the natural environment. When your car suffers from scratches, dings, or experiences a build-up of sediment or grime, rust happens faster.

Rust removal

You'll recognize rust when you see it: the ugly brown stain or bubble in your car's paint. While rust is easy to diagnose, it's harder to fix. Surface rust demands you use an abrasive object, like sandpaper, to rub away the corrosion and rust. When you reach clean metal, you can work on priming the area and cleaning up the paint damage with a touch up paint kit.
If a hole in the body forms, you have a bigger problem on your hands. You'll likely have to replace the whole panel of the car or patch the panel. These are tougher jobs that might require the help of a professional.

Rust prevention

Rust is bound to happen on any car of any model. It simply comes with the territory of owning a car. To prevent fast rusting of your car, you should take the proper measures to maintain and clean your vehicle. This prevents the build-up of harmful grime that promotes oxidation.
You should also fix any scratches in your paint as soon as you can. Around 52% of all reported car damage is a result of keying or other paint scratches. These scratches can permeate the surface layer and damage the primer, exposing iron directly to the elements. Get a great vehicle touch up paint to fix problems as soon as they occur.
Luckily, touch up paint options are available for nearly every make and model of car. Whether you need a Honda Accord touch up paint, a dodge touch up paint, or a BMW touch up paint, the Scratch Wizard can match any paint to keep your car in tip-top shape and looking great. When you need Honda Accord touch up paint, call or visit us online today!