In this article we are going to show you how to repair common wheel damage. Anyone can do it, and it only takes about 30 minutes.

What you need:


Time required:

30 - 60 minutes.

Step 1. Clean Area

Clean the repair area with glass cleaner and a clean towel.

Step 2. Sand Area

If the damaged area is close to the wheel lip, mask it off with some masking tape to protect it before proceeding.
Sand out the damage using coarse sandpaper. Keep sanding until any cuts or jagged edges are completely removed.

Step 3. Scuff Area

Scuff the repair area and all surfaces six inches away from it.

Step 4. Mask Area

Mask off the wheel to protect it from overspray.

Step 5. Apply Primer

Apply three or four light coats of primer. Try not to get any on an area that you did not sand. If you do, use your scuff pad to sand it out.
Wait 10 minutes, then using fine-grit sandpaper and light pressure sand down any bumpy spots made by the primer.
When you are done, wipe away any dust that settled in the spokes of the wheel.

Step 6. Apply Paint

Even though 9 out of 10 wheels can be repainted with pure silver, test your spraypaint on a small portion of your wheel to see if the color matches. If not, gradually add some black paint and re-test until it you get a match.
Once you find one, mist on a bit in order to blend the repair in.
If you get paint on areas that you did not want to (like the wheel or lugnuts), wipe it down with some paint thinner or nail polish remover.

Step 7. Apply Clearcoat

Apply two light coats over the areas where you laid down silver paint.

Step 8. Cleanup

Wait 10 minutes, remove any masking and you are good to go.