How to Restore Your Car’s Paint to Shine

There are a few reasons why your car’s paint is fading. One of the main culprits is sun exposure—with summertime in full force, your car’s paint may be in danger and could experience some fading. In this case, you’ll need to take the proper measures to fix these minor blemishes. Learn how to restore your car’s paint to shine with these simple steps.

Wash the Car

The first step to restoring your car’s paint to shine is washing your vehicle. This is because cleaning the exterior will get rid of all the mud, dirt, salt, fingerprints, bugs, and other surface containments that can harm your car’s paint. Wash it either by hand or go to the local car wash—either way, it’s imperative that you let the vehicle dry completely.

Polish the Faded Paint

Now that your car is clean, you can restore the faded paint. Try to perform this process in the shade or in a garage because the sunlight can bleach your car. You will need to gather a buffer, a bucket of water, and some rubbing compound. Get the buffer wet and apply a little bit of the rubbing compound onto it. From here, use the buffer on the faded paint and then rinse it. Reapply the rubbing compound on the spot and continue to buffer. Keep doing this step until you can no longer feel any rough spots.

Wax the Affected Area

After the faded paint spot is smooth, you will now want to wax your car. Grab a microfiber towel and put a small amount of wax paste on it. Then you can begin waxing your vehicle by going over the faded paint spot. Once the wax dries, your car will have a showroom shine. It’s important to note that you should wax your car on a regular basis—not just when you need to restore the paint. If you don’t, you’re allowing corrosive substances the opportunity to damage the clear coat on your car and expose the paint.

It’s never been easier for car owners to repair and restore their car themselves. There are plenty of products and tools that you can use, such as a car touch up paint kit to fix car scratches or eazy wax to fight paint fading. ScratchWizard is here to help you create long-lasting and better-looking cars.