In this article you will learn how to apply 2K automotive clear coat with a spray gun.

What you need:

Man Holding Spray Gun

Time required:

1 Hour.

Step 1. Practice

You are probably using our clear coat for the first time. You may be using a spray gun with that particular clear coat for the first time, so practice on a piece of scrap plastic or scrap metal. You can learn a lot about distance and hand speed by practicing on a scrap piece before you apply clear coat to your car.  

Man in front of box

Step 2. Mix the Clear Coat

The mixing ratio is 2 parts clear coat to 1 part clear coat activator. Then add 10% reducer. You don't need to weigh this out on a scale, you can eye-ball it just fine. For a bumper, mix 16 oz of Clear coat (10.5 oz of clear coat 5.5 oz activator and 1.6 oz of reducer)
Mixing Clear Coat in a Cup

Step 3. Apply the Clear Coat

If the panel you are painting is dusty, tack rags work great to wipe off any dust. Make sure your regulator is set to 30 psi with the trigger open. You want to spray from about the distance of your pinky to your thumb(6-8 inches) with a fan height of about the distance of your pinky to your thumb. With each pass, overlap 50%. Start spraying 4-5 inches from the start of your piece, continue spraying, and don't stop until 4-5 inches past the end your your piece. Apply a light coat of clear coat, let it sit for 10 minutes and then apply a heavier coat of clear coat. The piece should be dry enough to handle after 10 hours. If you plan to wetsand and polish, let sit for 16 hours.


Spraying a HVLP gun

Step 4. Clean the Spray Gun

Pour out any remaining clear coat into a recycling can. Pour in about 3 oz of paint thinner, shake your gun and pour it out into the can. Pour in another 3 oz of thinner, shake, and run the thinner through the gun with the trigger fully open (disconnect from air supply first) for 60 seconds then dump the thinner. Wipe out the inside of the cup, pull the trigger and release any thinner left inside of the gun and wipe the tip. Wipe the lid and the outside of the cup. Your spray gun is ready for it's next use.  
HVLP Spray Gun and Recycling Tin