The hood of this Porsche Cayenne has many fine scratches.

When we wet the panel, we can see that most of the scratches disappear and are therefore clearcoat scratches.

The scratches that remain are paint scratches.

Here's a technique for touching up these fine paint scratches without brush strokes.

What you need:

Black Car With Fine Scratches

Step 1. Paint Scratches

Dab all the paint scratches with factory-matched paint.

Filling Fine Scratches

Step 2. Remove Excess Paint

The excess paint can be removed using a chemical we manufacture called scratch leveler.

Apply a small amount to a cloth and gently wipe over the repair area; the scratch leveler removes the bad paint, leaving the good paint neatly in the scratches.

Leveling Excess Paint

Optional: Polish Repaired Area

For best results, apply a bit of our polish and buff away with a lint-free cloth.

Polishing Repair Area

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