A thorough car wash will include door jambs and a deep wheel cleaning. And if you haven't machine polished your car in 6 months, you'll also want to rub a claybar over your car's paint.

Here are the materials you will need:


Time required:

40 minutes.

Step 1. Door and trunk jambs

First, spray Eazy Degreaser into your trunk jambs, scrubbing jambs & dry with rags. Scrub them clean with a soft wheel brush and soap water. use a painters brush to get into tight spots.


Step 2. Wheels

Spray some of our Eazy Wheels cleaner and allow the chemical to soak for at least 30 seconds. be absolutely sure to wear gloves when handling this stuff, because it contains some aggressive acid. Now just hose off the wheels and you can see the brake dust wash away. Back up the vehicle about a foot to expose a new angle of the rims. soak them in eazy wheels and rinse them clean. you may need to touch things up a bit with a rag, but really, it's a virtually effort free way to get dirty rims clean again.


Step 3. Wash

Now wash the whole car from top to bottom. and dry it off with a chamois.


Step 4. Claybar

Wash the car one more time but this time rub the paint surface with a claybar. This is going to remove anything that's rough or embedded int he paint and we'll get exceptionally smooth paint that, once polished and waxed will look glossier and that gloss will last longer as well. Wet one panel at a time with soapy water and rub your claybar with medium pressure in a circular motion. Use Eazy Spray Detailer as a lubricant. You'll start to feel the clay gliding easily over the paint, and at that point you can move on to the next panel. If you accidentally drop your claybar on the ground, just wash it clean and knead it into a ball so you can continue working with a clean claybar.

Here's a tip that can save you some time and a back ache. Claybarring the lower half of the car and the bumpers is optional. Yes, it might make the car overall look a bit better, but you won't find yourself looking at the lower half of the car very often. Most of your attention is directed at the upper half of the car's paint surfaces.


Get Everything You Need

  1. Eazy Degreaser

    Eazy Degreaser


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    Cleans engines and jambs in seconds. 32 oz. diluted and ready-to-spray.

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  2. Eazy Wheels

    Eazy Wheels


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    Cleans alloy wheels in seconds: just spray on, and rinse off. 32 oz. ready-to-spray.

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  3. Detailing "Painter's" Brush

    Detailing "Painter's" Brush


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    Soft bristles gently remove wax from trim, clean moldings, seams, and handle. On interiors, clean vents, cup holders, shift columns, and more.

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  4. Wheel Cleaning Brush

    Wheel Cleaning Brush


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    Clean deep in wheel spokes with this brush's flexible and long bristles.

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  5. Eazy Spray Detailer

    Eazy Spray Detailer


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    Removes excess wax and polish. Spray-on and wipe-off for superb gloss. Pre-diluted 32 oz. ready-to-spray.

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  6. Paint-Smoothing Claybar

    Paint-Smoothing Claybar


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    Make paint glossier! Apply soapy water or a spray detailer to paint surfaces and rub with this large and pliable claybar to remove overspray and other contaminants. Recloseable tray keeps your claybar clean. Learn More