This article will explain how to wax your car in about 10 minutes.

Here are the materials you will need:


Time required:

10 minutes.

Wax on

Apply a small amount of Eaxy wax to your pad. Hit the switch and go in a pattern from left to right.

Don't get all obsessed about getting wax on every square inch of the fender. First because that builds up crust in the gaps that's really hard to remove. And second, it just speeds things along. If you don't make waxing your car a long task, you'll do it more often, and drive a glossier car all year long.


Wax off

Just mist a tiny bit of Eazy Detailer on the panel and buff it off in a circular motion. You see how great the whole panel looks even though I didn't polish and wax at the edges?


Get Everything You Need

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