A common question we get is how we make the paint that we sell. The usual assumption is that we just buy it directly from the manufacturer: ie, if you own a Toyota, that we order it from Toyota. If that were the case then not only could anyone buy it, but it would also take too long to ship it since we would have to wait to get it, first.

The answer is much simpler: we mix each order, by hand, using the combination of an extensive paint inventory, offical manufacturer instructions, and quality technicians.

1. The Order

It starts with the paint code. Given that there are literally thousands of paint colors out there, whether you use the color picker on our site or send it to us via email, a paint code is necessary to ensure we get an exact color match.


2. Formula Lookup

Once we have the paint code we reference one of our online resources to determine the exact paint colors and volume needed.


3. Mixing the Paint

With a steady hand and a careful eye we mix all the necessary colors, using a digital scale to track our progress.

The process is tricky at first, as different paints have different densities or can effect the final results; even a small drop can ruin a batch.


4. Quality Check

Once it is done, we pour the mixture into a bottle, check it again to make sure there are no imperfections, and then pack it up.

If there are any mistakes or the color looks off, we toss out the batch and start over.