dodge paint kit

According to marketing specialist, Nancy Lockhart, white has been the number one most popular car color for the last decade. That means the majority of car owners struggle to keep their white car clean whenever they take it out for a drive. Follow these tips to keep your white car, well, looking white.

Keep it in the garage

Trees, birds, bugs, small animals, humans, you name it: practically everything touches your car when you're not around. Ensure your car stays safe (and clean!) by using a parking garage when you're out on the town. Not only will this prevent your car from the organic materials that want to ruin your car's finish, it will also keep it away from other cars that scratch it, and any sun or rain damage that can occur when it's left outside.

Clear out your home garage and park your car inside. If you don't have a garage, consider purchasing a protective awning instead to install over your driveway. It will make your car's life last longer and improve the longevity of your white car's paint.

Wash often

Dirt and debris will eventually erode the paint on your car, whether it's white or not. Prevent excessive damage by washing your car often and wipe away dirt and water with a microfiber towel to prevent scratches from forming on your car's surface. If there is any damage to your car already, consider purchasing a dodge paint kit for small paint repairs.

Decontaminate the paint

While washing seems like the only way to save your car's paint, using decontamination will ensure every speck of dirt and metal is removed. Metal-based matter will inevitably accumulate on your car, and it can erode the paint and cause further damage to your Dodge.

Use protective coatings

Protective coatings give your car a little extra boost in repelling contaminants. Apply a protective coating in a shady, clean location after a good washing, then buff it out with the aforementioned microfiber towel to prevent scratches and leave a smooth finish.

Buy vehicle touch up paint

This is an important tool to have, even if you do follow all the tips mentioned above. Buying a dodge paint kit will ensure you're able to fix your car's exterior in the event that it's damaged despite your best efforts. Be sure to buy a paint kit for your dodge specifically, to ensure you get the right dodge paint options for your car.

If there's serious damage to the exterior of your vehicle, you may have to take it in for repair or repainting, but purchasing a dodge paint kit will save you money in the long run. A paint touch up kit is a cheap and reliable option before you have to bring it in to a professional.

White cars are difficult to maintain, but following these tips will help keep your white car looking white.