Learn How to Deal with Minor Car Accidents

With over 220 million drivers with valid licenses in the U.S., car accidents are bound to happen. There are a few ways you should go about assessing the problem. Learn how todeal with minor car accidents so you don’t get taken advantage of.

Make Sure Everyone is Okay

Find somewhere safe to park along the side of the road, if possible, and check to make sure everyone involved in the accident is okay. If that’s not the case, involve the police immediately, and call 911 for assistance. This is the most important step in knowing how to deal with minor car accidents.

Assess the Damage

After you make sure everyone is okay, you now want to assess the damage done to both vehicles. You may also want to take a picture, so you can send it to your insurance agency. This will also help you decide if the extent of the damage is serious enough to pursue further action.

Ask for Car Insurance

Next, you need to speak with the person who you just got in an accident with and ask for their insurance card. Take a picture of this as well. If this person does not have an insurance card, then ask for their insurance agency’s contact information. If they don’t have insurance at all, then you should contact the police so they can include this in a report, as it is illegal to drive without insurance.

Call the Police

Not all accidents require police involvement, but you should call the police if you want to make sure there is a record of the incident. If you do handle it with the police, then you will provide a report and explain what happened.

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