In this article you'll learn how to remove water spots from your car with ScratchWizard's Water Spot Remover.

What you need:

Removing water spots from car

Time Required

15-30 minutes

Step 1. Apply the Chemical

Wash the car and work in a shaded cool area. Wear gloves. Apply a small amount of the chemical to a towel and rub the surface in a circular motion until the water spots disappear.
applying chemical to towel

Step 2. Neutralize the Acid

The Removing chemical has acid, so you'll want to neutralize the acid with soapy water or detailer's spray every 10 minutes.
Bottle of Eazy Spray Detailer

Step 3. Removing Water Spots from Glass

Water spots on glass often require that the chemical be applied to very fine steel wool, then the glass be rubbed with medium pressure to remove the water spots. Do not use steel wool on mirrors. Use the chemical and a cloth only.
removing water spots from glass

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