The Most Common Causes of Paint Damage You Need to Dodge

A part of keeping your car in pristine condition is making sure the paint is intact. There are a lot of substances that can harm your car’s paint; however, you can learn how to avoid them if you know the most common causes of paint damage.


You never want to keep your car exposed outside for a few reasons. Among them is due to the UV rays emitted from sunlight. Those UV rays can cause discoloration to your car’s paint. It’s best to keep your car in a garage to avoid this damage.

Tree Sap

Sunlight isn’t the only reason why you want to keep your vehicle in the garage. While finding shade under a tree might be a good idea to avoid the sun, sap can cause damage to your car paint, as well. Tree sap is another well-known cause of car paint damage and can be extremely difficult to remove.

Other Cars

Parking too close to other cars is among the most common causes of paint damage. This is because parking too close to another car increases the risk that someone else’s car door will hit your car. This can result in a significant dent and paint damage.


While curb rashes typically damage car tires, you need to watch out for your paint, too. There are cities with high sidewalks that can scrape the bottom of your car and its paint. Make sure you’re always wary of any curbs before you park beside a sidewalk.

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are another common cause of paint damage. The chemicals in bird droppings can seep into the paint layers on your car. Unfortunately, there is no way to really prepare for this one. The best thing you can do is remove droppings as soon as you spot them, and use automotive paint repair products.

Poor Cleaners

Washing your car regularly is one of the best things you can do for it. If you typically wash it on your own, just make sure you don’t use detergent or soap. This can harm your paint, so opt for products meant for cars. Also, avoid using a dirty towel, because you don’t know what might be on it.


Gas and other car fluids are something you don’t want to keep on your vehicle if they accidently get on it. Wipe fluids off as soon as you can, as they can cause your car paint to peel off.

Rocks and Cement

A rock or cement brick can also cause some serious damage to your car’s exterior. Try not to drive through construction sites where these materials are often found. Also, be extremely careful if you are transporting bricks or rocks for a home or work project.