There are many ways to take care of your car, but don’t overlook detailing. It increases your car’s value, as well as your comfort, and it’s incredibly rewarding. Plus, proper detailing extends your vehicle’s life, and who doesn’t want their car to stick around for longer?

To help you save money and protect your car, we’ve put together a list of the professional auto detailing accessories you need to have in your personal garage. Everything here will help you maintain your vehicle’s appearance all year long.

Carpet Brush

For some stains, gentle wiping simply won’t do the trick—you’ll need to put in a little elbow grease with a carpet brush.

A carpet brush loosens dirt and grime, and you’re able to use as much pressure as you want. This type of brush features stiff bristles and a comfortable handle, which allows you to adequately work cleaning product into carpet fibers. If you need to clean your car’s carpet, use a little bit of carpet shampoo and work it in with your brush in circular motions. Stains should come right out after a couple tries, and you can let your car air dry in the sun.

Wheel Cleaning Brush

If you want your vehicle to look its best—to look how it should—you’ll need to pay special attention to its wheels. Contaminants from the road can easily collect onto your car’s tires and rims, so it’s important to clean these areas whenever you can.

You can use a sponge or mitt to remove the dirt and grime, but you’ll neglect the smaller areas. Luckily, cleaning is effortless with a wheel cleaning brush. Wheel cleaning brushes tend to feature flexible bristles and an easy-to-grip handle in order to help you clean deep in wheel spokes, holes, and cracks. The brushes are designed to prevent scratches, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your wheels as you clean.

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are one of the most necessary multi-purpose car detailing tools. Whether you’re cleaning glass or polishing paint, a microfiber towel gets the job done right. They’re thicker, denser, and less wasteful than paper towels.

It doesn’t matter how long you buff or how much pressure you use because the microfiber material ensures that you won't scratch your vehicle—and you certainly won’t leave dust behind, either. The ends do have the potential to scratch, so just be sure to use the center of the towel as you work.

Heavy-Duty Vacuum

From filthy shoes to crumbly leaves, it’s no secret that dirt and debris can easily make their way into your car. When you visit your local auto care company for a hand car wash, you’ll most likely receive a thorough carpet cleaning as well. Many professional cleaners can blow the hard-to-reach places in order to provide you with like-new results.

While this is great, the cost can quickly add up. Fortunately, with a professional auto vacuum, you can get the same results at home (and you don’t have to wait in line). We carry the Metro Blaster Sidekick, which can reach between and under seats to effectively clean your car’s interior. It’s a lightweight model with a useful neoprene nozzle attachment, so no matter where you need to vacuum, you have the power to suck up the dirt—even in the tiniest areas.

Detailing Painter’s Brush

A detailing painter’s brush serves many purposes. You can use its soft, thick bristles to remove waxy residue from emblems and other areas of your vehicle. You can also use this brush to clean small pockets of your car’s interior, such as cup holders, radio buttons, and air vents. The bristles are stiff, so you can easily clean center console cracks, dashboard cracks, and other small crevices.

If you’re searching for a versatile brush for both interior and exterior applications, go ahead and pick this one up. It can reach into even the most hidden areas that need special love and care. With this tool, your car will be the cleanest it’s ever been.

Spray Gun

Every detailing toolbox should include a spray gun. Designed for automotive use, an HVLP (high volume, low pressure) spray gun makes it easy to apply primers and base coats. One of the benefits of HVLP guns is that they don’t overspray, so you won’t waste paint. This tool’s ability to keep excess paint off a vehicle’s surface makes it a must-have for beginners and pros.

Painting a car is no easy task, especially if you want your work to be perfect. There’s a bit of a learning curve; you’ll need to master working the paint in a left-to-right motion in order to achieve even coverage. Your hard work will be worth it!

If you want a professional paint job but can’t afford one or don’t trust anyone else with your car, a spray gun will help you do it all on your own. In addition to spray guns, we carry ready-to-spray paint.

Cyclo Polisher

Originally designed to polish aircraft, the Cyclo polisher replicates hand polishing—but it’s much faster. It covers more surface area at a time than your hands can, so this tool will really take your detailing up a notch. This orbital polisher does a phenomenal job removing paint scratches, yet it’s gentle enough to not burn through the paint.

With its unique design, low vibration, and dual-head technology, the Cyclo polisher is extremely effective, easy to use, and safe for all vehicles. Also, it doesn’t leave behind swirls or streaks, so you never have to worry about any imperfections.

Trust us, the Cyclo won’t let you down. At ScratchWizard, we offer both the Cyclo stand-alone unit and the complete polishing system (which includes pads and polish).


The right car detailing tools make a huge difference. Plus, thankfully, you can detail your car without leaving your home. If you’re searching for a company who will help you fulfill your detailing needs, ScratchWizard is your go-to source. We provide a wide selection of professional auto detailing products that help DIYers keep their cars in pristine condition. Shop our inventory today—our large selection doesn’t disappoint.