car touch up paint kitSafely packing your car takes a certain degree of skill: you want to make sure you utilize your space efficiently, but you don't want to overload or scratch your car. Here are some tips and tricks for loading your car safely, whether you're moving for the first time or the thirtieth.

Get a good support rack

Your Honda may be great on gas, but it isn't big enough to move everything. If you're packing large or long items, they likely won't fit in your backseat, no matter how hard you try. To bring your larger goods to your new destination, purchase a supportive, strong, factory roof rack to ensure your goods stay in one place.

A strong roof rack may make your car look a little more sporty than you'd like, but it's essential to keeping your car safe. Lose items could scratch your paint, dent your roof, or break through your windshield if they're not properly secured. Luckily, you can touch up your Honda Civic paint job with a car touch up paint kit if you get any scratches.

Keep heavy things low

The rule of thumb for packing your car is to start from heaviest and work your way lighter. Pack your heaviest suitcases or boxes in the back, directly against the back seat if you have one. Piling lighter items on top will prevent any of your goods from moving around and getting damaged. It will also prevent your car from getting damaged. Don't be afraid to use a luggage divider net to keep your goods from shifting around.

If you run out of room in the back, there's always the foot space between the front and rear seats. Just be careful maneuvering bulky objects through your passenger doors; it's easy to scrape or scratch the paint. Luckily, your car touch up paint kit will work out any damage and save you from costly repairs.

Hire movers

The work of a professional will ensure your goods stay safe, especially your more fragile items. If you're unable to hire a professional mover, make sure you get your strongest friends to help you out. Relying on kids or your average Joe could cost you big time; nearly 52% of car damage reports are from keyed paint or accidental scratches on the paint.

Finally: Prepare for the worst

Even if you follow these packing tips, you should always be prepared to fix your car. Luckily, there are countless auto touch up paint kit options available for you. There is a pain kit for just about everything. VW touch up paint, Volvo touch up paint, Jeep touch up paint: no matter the model, Scratch Wizard has you covered. When you move, invest in car touch up paint kit to save you thousands of dollars at a repair shop.