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Rebuilding a classic car is a lofty project that might take years for the novice mechanic. To make your job easier, here are five tips for choosing and rebuilding your classic car without a hitch.

1. Watch for rust

Old cars are, well, old. That means that water and weather have helped promote rust in nooks and crannies you might have never thought about. When you pick your classic car, look for signs of rust in the wheel wells, on the hood, and on the underbody. While rust on the paint is an easy fix with a Chevrolet or Dodge paint kit, rust on the structure isn't an easy fix. Try to choose a car that's spent most of its time in a dry climate where humidity won't stimulate rust.

2. Think about the type of restoration

What kind of restoration are you hoping to complete? A driver restoration has the final goal of fixing up the car and getting it road-ready. This option is the cheapest since it doesn't have all the bells and whistles associated with a street show restoration or a show car restoration. If you want to show it off, you'll have to take care of every concern and likely have to work with a mechanic or other professional.

Your best bet is finding a classic car that starts up and working from there.

3. You'll have to do the safety dance

Old cars simply aren't equipped with the safety standards necessary in new rides. If your classic car hasn't been driven on the road for a decade or two, you'll have to follow new safety standards. This could cost you if you aren't careful.

4. Don't settle for the first classic build you see

You have to take your own time and money into account. Rebuilding a classic car is no easy -- or cheap -- task. A cheaper car means you'll have to put in more money later. Look for a car with potential before you dive into your restoration project.

5. Finish with the perfect paint

No classic car is complete without a fresh coat of paint. While white has been the number one choice since 2006 in North America, feel free to have fun with whatever paint you like. There are plenty of Dodge paint kit options to help move your project along.

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