touch up bmw paint

We all know the occasional car wash is a great way to improve your car's longevity. Between winter salt, dusty roads, and muddy terrain, any number of grime could damage your car's paint job and lead to rust. But it's unlikely you're going to bring your car in for a wash every time a bird leaves its droppings on your hood.
But is bird poop really bad for your car? Here's how bird poop affects your paint job and tips for keeping your car clean.


Are bird droppings bad?

In short, yes. Most automakers recommend you clean bird droppings off your car sooner than later.

Bird droppings are especially bad for your car's paint because of their high levels of acidity. Birds typically have a diet consisting of bugs and fruits, both of which lead to acidic fecal matter that can tear through your car's clear coat. Clear coats range from 1.5 to 2.0 ml in thickness. Once this coat is gone, your paint's integrity is at risk. If left untreated, the bird poop will promote corrosion of the paint and speed up the oxidation process on your vehicle, leading to rust and holes in your body.


On top of that, the hot sun will warm your car while hardening the bird droppings. When your car cools again at night, the car's lacquer will mold around the bird droppings, further creating an ugly impression on your vehicle. While you'll be able to fix any damage with a trusty auto touch up paint kit, dealing with bird droppings is still a frustrating affair.


How to keep your car clean

Regular washing is a must for any vehicle and storing your car indoors is the best way to prevent excessive wear and tear. Fixing any issues in the paint quickly with a reliable Acura touch up paint or other automotive touch up paint kit is essential. But bird droppings can occur as soon as you leave the wash.
The best antidote for cleaning bird poop off your car? Attack it with a damp cloth as soon as you notice it. It's easiest to clean soft bird droppings off your car as soon as they happen. Should the droppings get hard, however, you might need to use a cleaning wipe for added strength. Don't scrub or scrape. You might need to perform this delicate process a number of times if you want to avoid buying touch up BMW paint for your vehicle.
When your car experiences damage from bird poop, buying the right touch up paint for BMW cars is a necessity. Luckily, the Scratch Wizard offers the best selection of vehicle touch up paint for every make and model whether you need touch up BMW paint or Acura touch up paint. Call or visit us online today when you need touch up BMW paint to fix damage to your car's paint job.