hyundai touch up paint

With new seasons come a slew of new weather: between hail storms, falling leaves, hot weather and an influx of pollen, your car is bombarded with new threats all year long.

Here's how the weather might adversely affect your car.


Spring showers bring pollen, oxidation, and dirt buildup. Beware of the materials that might affect your car's engine, paint, and air quality within the vehicle. With so many blooming trees and flowers opening up for spring, you might want to invest in a car touch up paint kit to keep your car's exterior safe from rusting.


The summer heat can yield detrimental results on your car. Cars tend to run a little hotter during the summer and it's important to keep up on your coolant levels before your car suffers from engine damage. On top of that, the sun's damaging rays might fade the paint of your car and bleach the interior. Luckily, touch up paint kits, like Hyundai touch up paint options, can help your car look good and last longer.


Hello, falling leaves. If you don't brush the leaves off your car regularly, it might result in a damaged finish. Get your car washed often and keep that winter brush handy for periodic snow showers.


Did you know that hail and wind storms made up 40% of losses on home and vehicle insurance claims within the last five years? That's right; as fall turns to winter, even the sky can create scratches or dents on your most expensive purchases. No car parked outdoors is safe from the threat of hail, including Acuras, Cadillacs, and supposedly sturdier models Jeeps. However, all cars may fall victim to the threat of road salt that damages your car's exterior.

Luckily, there's an auto touch up paint kit for nearly every make and model out there. If you need a Hyundai touch up paint, the Scratch Wizard has you covered. Look for their selection of Dodge paint options, Ford touch up paint kits, all the way to your Mercedes. When your car is in need of repair, think about purchasing a vehicle touch up paint kit to save you money and keep your car looking great.