Acura touch up paint

The parking lot. It's a necessary evil that you must navigate whenever you leave the house. Like many safe drivers, however, you might find yourself parking at the back of the lot or away from other cars to avoid getting hit by distracted drivers. Ultimately, you never know what can happen to your car when you leave it in a parking lot, even for short periods of time.

Here are three popular threats to your car whenever you leave it unattended in a parking lot.


Even though automotive security has improved, your car's window is still as easily smashed as it was ten years ago. Unfortunately, car thefts are still common and if you store any valuables in your car, including something as minor as spare change in your cupholder, your car may be at risk for a break-in.

The best thing you can do to prevent theft is to hide all your valuable items. While it's unrealistic to remove your car's radio every time you leave the car, storing any shopping bags, purses, or electronics should be your top priority. Utilize the lock on your glovebox and store bigger items under a blanket or other cover in the trunk if you drive a van or hatchback.

Other cars

It can be difficult to navigate parking lots, especially when there are cars to watch for, pedestrians running out of nowhere, and sudden stop signs you didn't expect to appear. Parking lots are tough, no doubt about it. As such, you may find yourself colliding with another car during your time as a driver.

Luckily, parking lot accidents often result in a scratch that's easily repaired with a great Acura touch up paint kit. You might even get the other person to pay for the damages. But when an open door collides with your parked car, it might be up to you to take care of the damage.

Shopping carts

The enemy of parked cars everywhere: the dreaded shopping cart. You might think people will actually use the cart receptacles stationed at beneficial locations, but shoppers continuously leave their shopping carts in parking spots when they leave. One stray breeze and that shopping cart might collide with your car, leaving a pretty nasty scratch in the process.

How do I fix body damage?

After your run-in with a parking lot, you can usually fix up any scratches with a reliable auto touch up paint kit. It's estimated that 52% of all car damage is from keyed or scratched paint. Luckily, the Scratch Wizard offers a number of different paint touch up kit options, whether you need an Acura touch up paint or a Cadillac touch up paint. Place your order today for the best Acura touch up paint when you want to plan for the worst and keep your car looking its best.