This article will explain some best practices for using the Cyclo polisher.

Here are the materials you will need:


Time required:

40 minutes.

Areas to avoid

What really ruins a polish job is getting crust in gaps. Avoid the edges of the panel and anywhere the panel meets trim. Stay about an inch away from these spots. You also want to avoid jamming your polisher where it just doesn't fit. Stay away from sharp angles and the tight spot behind the side mirror.

avoid gaps

Applying the compound

Apply a dab of Eazy Compound of about 2 inches long to polish roughly 2 square feet.


Using the polisher

Polish from left to right and up to down. Polish the door, then wipe with microfiber towel.


Get Everything You Need

  1. Cyclo Polisher

    Cyclo Polisher


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  2. Cyclo Polishing Pads

    Cyclo Polishing Pads


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  3. Paint Polishing Microfiber Towels

    Paint Polishing Microfiber Towels


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  4. Eazy Compound (12 oz.)

    Eazy Compound (12 oz.)


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